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Counseling Services

Our diverse team of clinicians are qualified to treat a variety of issues and general adjustment problems for clients ranging from children to adults.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Family Therapy

Couples Counseling

Play Therapy

Parenting Education Courses

Anger Management Courses

Other Topical Seminars

Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is an approach to working with children ages 2-12 years in a fun and safe setting that provides them the opportunity to build on normal communicative and learning processes. Play therapy can help children express what is troubling them. Toys work like the child’s words and play is the child’s language. In play therapy children can learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and learn new ways of relating.

Adults find relief in talking over their difficulties with a therapist, children, on the other hand, cannot express their thoughts and feelings in words, but can find release through various forms of play and expression.

Who Benefits from Play Therapy?

Social, Emotional, Behavioral & Learning Problems


Conduct Disorder




Low self-esteem

Social withdrawal





Physical and Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence

Inappropriate Behavior

Other relatable Issues

Our Classes

Our knowledgeable instructors are here to help you find the tools to overcome any obstacle.

Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that can have a detrimental effect on your marriage, career, children our overall quality of life.

Our trained staff will teach you the skills required to more effectively gain control over anger and help you to improve relationships with those around you.

This class meets mandated court ordered anger management requirement.

Call us today for more information regarding dates and times of our classes.


Our Parenting Education Program is designed to help parents learn effective parenting skills such as:

  • Child development
  • Age-appropriate discipline techniques
  • Parenting styles
  • How behavior develops
  • Building your child’s self-esteem

Call us today for more information regarding dates and times of our classes.

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  • 506 Glascow Street,
  • Victoria, TX 77904
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  • 506 Glascow Street,
  • Victoria, TX 77904
  • US

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